How to get to the Kinnotake Tonosawa

The best way is to take JR Shinkansen Kodama and public bus. 
First,please take JR Shinkansen Kodama from Tokyo station for Odawara station.

At Odawara station,please go out east exit and take T bus to go to Togendai departing from number 4 bus stop, 
or H bus to go to Hakone-machi departing from number 3 bus stop.
And please get off Deyama bus stop.
It takes approximately 25 minutes,fare is 470 Jpy per person.
Deyama bus stop is located in front of suspension bridge.
Crossing that bridge, we are there.

From Hakone Yumoto station,please take the bus of Ryokan shuttle service course C. 
It departs every 15 and 45 minutes from there, 
and takes you to our entrance. 
It takes approximately 5 minutes, and fare is 100 Jpy per person.